Changing Language Settings in MS Word (for Windows)

MS Word is capable of supporting different languages.
It's able to spellcheck and check grammar in over 30 different languages.
Through this help file, you'll learn how to change the language settings.
Let's take a look at Microsoft Word 2003's changing language settings.

Step 01: Selecting the Tools Menu

Step 02: Accessing the Language Settings Window

Step 03: Choosing your preferred language

Step 04: Making your preference the default language

Step 01:
      You should be able to open Microsoft Word 2003 and after opening, simply Click the "Tools" menu on the Main Menu Bar.
      A Drop Down Box should appear like this:

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Step 02:
      Now under the Tools Menu click on "Language", and in its drop down menu click on the "Set Language" tool.

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Step 03:
      After selecting the "Set Language" tool, you should be able to see a window like this.
      In the window, you can either
           a)Select the language you wish to use to check spelling and grammar or
           b)You can also set a language to be the default setting for MS Word.

      Remember that when you choose a language (e.g. Japanese) and press "OK",
      The only thing that MS Word does is to check the spelling and grammar only for this type of language for this document only.
      This tool does not support direct conversion or translation to Japanese characters or language.

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Step 04:
      Now when you choose a language e.g. Japanese and press "Default...",
      MS Word would spell and grammar check your current document and documents you are to create in the future using Japanese.
      Thus any new document will default to the language you selected.
      In addition, any existing documents will not have their language changed.

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      You might want to uncheck the Detect Language Automatically checkbox.
      This setting might interfere with the spelling and grammar check feature.