Transit Planning

In 2012, EACOMM Corporation was approached by Google Southeast Asia to assist them in collecting Metro Manila mass transit data for Google Maps. To accurately and quickly gather data on the multiple bus and rail routes across the metropolis, EACOMM developed a custom Android Application to log and trace trips in real time while riding in various transit modes. The application was designed to be quick and simple to use with a feature for taking photos of key stops and station information. These trip logs were then uploaded to a web application where they were translated to GTFS Format. GTFS or General Transit Feed Specification is an open standard for representing public transportation schedules, fares and geographical information. The GTFS Feed data was in turn submitted to Google to be included in Google Maps. Through the utilization of mobile research technologies, it is estimated that as much as 3 months was cut from the project schedule and the project was delivered using far less man-power than initially anticipated.