Web Design and Development

EACOMM Corporation has created hundreds of websites over the years and it has been one of its core service offerings since its inception in 2001. EACOMM has been eye witness to the evolution of websites from standard HTML, server-side scripting languages like PHP, Java and Perl, interactivity and animation using Flash and JavaScript, HTML4, AJAX, HTML5, responsive and mobile first web design.

The vast majority of its projects over the years utilizes a Content Management System such as the popular WordPress CMS or its own award-winning Dynamic Online Content Management System (DO-CMS). DO-CMS’ popularity as a website engine stems from its ease of use for non-technical users and its customizability. DO-CMS has been used not only for standard websites but also for Flash-based sites in the past and more recently with Mobile Apps.

Websites that use DO-CMS include Government Agencies, Major Corporations, and hundreds of SMEs across the globe.