Pensioner Services System

The Pensioner Services System enabled a Pension and Gratuity Agency to give their stakeholders timely information about their pension, pension application status, and pension information updating appointments. The Pensioner Services System consists of four modules:

  1. Online Status Verification – Pensioners can update their bank accounts where their pensions and benefits can be deposited. They can check and validate their bank accounts in this application.
  2. Online Document Tracking – Claiming benefits involves filing applicationsthat pass through different offices. These application allows the pensioner to receive an SMS message that updates them about the status of their application and which office is currently being processing it.
  3. Pension Slip Viewing – The pension slip viewing shows the pensioner’s account information and account status.
  4. Pensioners Appointment System – Pensioners need to update their status every year. This application lets them select their preferred schedule for appointment. This also serves as a queuing system that the agency management can use to limit the number of applicants per day.