HR and Payroll System

The software that was developed is a web-based integrated payroll and HR management system. Being a fully customizable standalone system, it was installed in a man-power agency that deployed more than 3,000 employees to various companies. The system enabled the company to monitor the attendance, performance and management of the employees’ salaries. The Payroll System also catered to the human resource activities such as employee compensation and benefits, employee performance monitoring as well as its recruitment.

The system has the following key modules:

  • Employee Management Module – Maintains data of each employee; Employee history includes suspension/memos, legal, medical and safety histories.
  • Benefits Module – Create, edit and monitor the standard and non-standard benefits for employees such as commissions, training, loans, expense accounts, etc.
  • Employee Recruitment Module – Facilitates job recruitment and automatic job-matching both internally and externally.
  • Payroll Module – Assigns pay grades, pay schemes and salaries of each employee; computes payroll; creates payroll reports/pay slips/etc.
  • Daily Time Record – Defines shift schedules, monitors daily time records, integrates with hardware such as biometric or RFID systems.
  • Reports Generation – Generates reports for both internal and external compliance. (i.e. BIR/SSS/Philhealth/etc…)