Accounting System

This Accounting System was developed for a construction company. The primary objective of the development was to monitor the profitability of the company’s ongoing projects. Being a construction company, every project has its own budget, inventory, payroll and purchases , making the accounting system double-tiered. This means that every project has an accounting system that is being monitored by an overall accounting system. The system also helps the management to determine if a project is worth pursuing or not. In addition to this, the system is built on GAAP-based foundations and is accredited by the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

The basic modules of the accounting system are as follows:

  • Sales/Receivables/Collection Module
  • Liabilities Module
  • Payments/Purchases/Cost and Expenses Module
  • Chart of Accounts
  • System Backup and Recovery Module
  • Ledgers/Journals Module
  • Financial Reports