EACOMM Corporation is managed by a diverse and highly experienced group of IT-professionals and entrepreneurs. Founded in 2001, the management team has overcome the ups and downs of running a business and has come out as seasoned managers capable of handling multi-million dollar projects for the largest companies in the world.

Marcelo Robosa

Before moving to the private sector in 1998, Mr. Robosa served the Philippine Government in various capacities for a period of over twenty years including as head of Management Information System for the Department of Labor and the Director for Document Tracking Station of the Office of the President of the Philippines. Mr. Robosa holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Relations and a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Education from the University of the Philippines. He has held the position of Chairman since the company’s creation in 2001.

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Mikhail Joseph Torres
Managing Director

Engr. Torres is in-charge of the day to day management of EACOMM Corporation as well as defining the strategic direction of the company since its creation in 2001. Aside from EACOMM Corporation, Mr. Torres sits on the board of various corporations and organizations in the United Kingdom and the Philippines. Engr. Torres completed his Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering and Masters in Business Administration from the University of the Philippines.

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Christiane de la Paz
Director for Marketing and Publishing

Ms. de la Paz had over four years of experience in marketing and communications research prior to joining EACOMM Corporation in 2001 as the Head of Marketing. She holds a a Masters degree in Art Studies with concentration in Art History and a Bachelors degree in Mass Communication major in Communication Research with a minor in Educational Psychology from the University of the Philippines Diliman.  In addition to this, Ms. de la Paz is the managing director of Artes de las Filipinas, the Publishing Department of EACOMM Corporation. She also sits as the corporate secretary of the company.


Odnerolf Vernon Fajilan
Director for R&D and Integrated Solutions

Mr. Fajilan heads the R&D and Integrated Solutions divisions of EACOMM Corporation since 2001. He has over 10 years of extensive programming experience and is the resident guru on Linux, Asterisk, VoIP, and Networking technologies. Mr. Fajilan took up Electronics and Communications Engineering from the University of the Philippines. He also sits as the Corporate Treasurer of EACOMM Corporation.


Joel Abelida
Director for Multimedia and Graphic Design

Mr. Abelida is the consummate multimedia developer. A graduate of Fine Arts from the University of Santo Tomas, his expertise includes the whole range of multimedia development skills and tools such as image, video and sound editing; 3D modeling and animation; web design and development; and multimedia design, development, and programming. His work can be seen in most multimedia products developed by EACOMM Corporation since 2001.


Maribel Garcia-Villanueva
Director for Administration and Finance

Ms. Villanueva has served as administrative and HR head since EACOMM’s inception in 2001. Aside from HR and administrative duties, Ms. Villanueva also oversees the accounting and financial management of the company. She holds a Degree in Business Administration from the Lyceum of the Philippines.


Karlo Martin Robosa
Senior Business Analyst

Karlo is in charge of bridging the gap between the EACOMM technical team and its clients. As EACOMM’s senior business analyst, he is adept in managing the entire project life-cycle from: project conceptualization, proposal submission, systems development, all the way to system maintenance and support.  He fulfills this role by having a holistic background in both information science and business management. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Library and Information Science and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of the Philippines. Joining EACOMM in 2010, Karlo has acted as Systems Analyst and Project Manager on dozens of projects ranging from corporate websites to complex enterprise business systems.

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