How We Work

EACOMM Corporation firmly embraces and believes in the principles and values outlined in the  AGILE MANIFESTO. By adapting Agile Principles in our project methodologies we  provide our clients with:

Real-time  Communications and Involvement

We believe that the best indication of a project’s success or failure is the level of involvement of the client. As such, we provide a framework in which Clients have direct and constant communication with our production staff be it via Phone, Email, or Instant Messaging. We also provide online access to our production servers allowing the client to view our progress on a real-time basis. Thus the client always knows where his project stands at any time.

Deliver Value Faster

Using Development “Sprints” of 3 weeks or less, we make sure that the client receives a valuable working prototype after each sprint by focusing on the client’s top priorities first. With each sprint delivering a fully functional module, the client can already use and deploy each module as it is delivered and thus shorten the amount of time it takes for him to gain a return in his investment.

Ability to change directions at any stage of development

EACOMM recognizes that a project’s specifications are NEVER WRITTEN IN STONE. As such our teams are ready and willing to accommodate changes in client’s requirements regardless of the stage of the project. By delivering fast and delivering often, changes in specifications or scope are never as drastic as what would happen using traditional methodologies and consequently changes in cost and budget are minimized.