Interactive CD/DVD Development

Since 2001, EACOMM has been producing CD-ROM/DVD-ROM interactive multimedia applications on an annual basis. EACOMM has developed dozens of interactive cd-rom/dvd-rom school yearbooks for the top private and public schools in the Philippines as well as museum virtual tours, exhibition directories, company profiles, conference presentations, annual reports, electronic manuals and other applications for companies and government agencies.

EACOMM is unique in that our interactive multimedia products are closer to interactive games than simple “powerpoint” presentations. Multimedia applications developed by EACOMM are heavy on 2D and 3D animation, contains hours of video, thousands of photographs, and various interactive games and features.

EACOMM Corporation is licensed by the Optical Media Board of the Philippines as a Publisher of Optical Media Software.

CD-ROM/DVD-ROM/DVD Video Yearbook

Every year, schools create a yearbook for their graduating class as a means to relive the memories they had during their stay as students. What better way to immortalize the memories of school than in an interactive, multimedia product where not only text and pictures are present but also CD-quality sound, computer animation, and video.

Our team provides cutting-edge interactive multimedia CD-ROM yearbooks. We help students in the development, design, and production process to create a ‘living’ memory of their school years. Our interactive yearbook includes embedded video, 2D-3D virtual reality, computer and photographic images, voice overlay, and background music.

For Schools rich in Video Heritage, EACOMM offers DVD-ROM or DVD Video Yearbooks that allow for inclusion of the best possible quality Video to be included in the software.