Custom Software Development

EACOMM Corporation has been tackling projects on system design, software programming, and application development for over ten years. While our core expertise is in developing web-based software systems written in PHP/MySQL or C#/ASP.NET, we have also deployed traditional client-server applications as well as Android-based systems. Our Software Engineers and Programmers are adept in custom application development using the following technologies:

HTML5/CSS3.0, JavaScript, NodeJS, Android, Java, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), JSON, XML, Cordova, .NET, MongoDB, MSSQL, and more

The Custom Projects we have tackled has ranged for highly complex systems taking several months and even years to small apps taking a week or two to develop.

Our Software Development Process:

System Analysis and Design:

The detailed software system specifications and module definitions will be determined during this stage of the project. EACOMM system analysts, software engineers and software architects will work closely with the client to determine the detailed requirements of the system to be developed. A detailed project scope document along with detailed database and software design specifications will be submitted for approval on completion of this stage.

Software Alpha Version Development/Programming:

The software alpha version is a preliminary prototype to act as a ‘proof of concept’ of the final application. This allows the client to immediately comment on the user interface and design of the software or web application as well as verify the core functionalities of the system.

Software Alpha Version Testing:

During this phase the completed Alpha Version will be submitted for client review and testing. Any changes in the system features and specifications will only be entertained up to the completion of Alpha Version Testing.

Software Beta Version Development/Programming:

On completion of the Alpha Version, the project team will start incorporating comments and feedback from the client as a result of the alpha version testing. The resulting application will be the software Beta Version which is the fully functional application subject for user testing and acceptance.

Software Beta Testing/User Acceptance Testing:

On completion of the Beta Version the application will be installed in its Live Server and Beta Testing will commence. Beta testing will be done using live user data to uncover any remaining bugs or other issues with the application.  The user and admin training will be done at the start of Beta Testing.