AI and Cognitive Computing

Machine learning,artificial intelligence and cognitive computing are now technologies that are not only useful but are becoming critical in helping understand the hundreds if not thousands of pages of data that are generated daily by your businesses. With the advent of API’s and cloud computing, these technologies are now reachable and affordable to businesses of any size.

EACOMM Corporation has partnered with the leading providers of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing to allow it to offer these technologies to its clients.



Natural Language Processing

NLP allows a computer application to interact with its users using natural language by detecting the speaker’s intent through analyzing the sentence’s structure. Combining with speech to text results in popular applications such as virtual agents like Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa.

Language Translation

Translates over 100 languages from one to another right inside your software cloud applications.

Sentiment Analysis

This technology allows a computer to detect and categorize the opinions present in written text as positive, negative or neutral. More advanced systems can even detect anger, joy, sadness and other emotions in the writing. This is particularly useful for “opinion mining” where you can detect the opinions and emotions of people on a particular topic automatically from their social media posts.

Visual Recognition and Image Insights

Machine learning allows computers to automatically detect visual elements of an image. Detect age and gender from photographs of people or find words in the image and convert these into text. An example application would be using CCTV footage of a retail store to determine the amount of people who visit, the age and gender of customers, and which sections of the store are generating the most sales

Speech to Text

Converts spoken words from different languages into text that can be processed by the computer. Combined with Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis, the computer can detect what the speaker wants and how he is feeling.


Cognitive Search

Leverages machine learning and natural language processing in making search engines more intuitive. Designed for the enterprise, our cognitive search applications is able to search and extract data from multiple sources: databases, document files, spreadsheets, and more.