While the era of the desktop computer may not yet be over, the ever increasing computing power we are able to bring in our pockets has shown that mobile apps will only get more complex and powerful in the coming years. EACOMM Corporation works with its clients to design and develop mobile solutions that would not only improve their work processes but potentially revolutionize the way they do business by maximizing the advantages of mobility and smartphone technologies. We believe that mobile-based business applications will come of age in the coming years, and EACOMM will be in the forefront with its extensive experience in delivering custom built mobile apps for businesses large and small.

Case Studies:

  • Business Census – EACOMM developed the methodology and applications to do a mobile and cloud-based census of businesses in Metro Manila.
  • Transit Planning – In partnership with Google, EACOMM took advantage of the built-in GPS functionality of smartphones to generate transit routes for Google Maps.
  • Agent Presentation Tool – A mobile presentation tool that uses a web-based content management system to send and receive content in real-time.

For a more information on EACOMM Corporation’s efforts on Mobile App Development please download our White Paper on Mobile Research Systems.