Knowledge Services

EACOMM extends its traditional IT service offerings by providing data and content collection, creation and analysis.  For the past decade, EACOMM has been researching, collecting and publishing a variety of content on a wide range of subjects such as local business listings, mass transit systems, photography, fine arts and antiquities, finance, real estate, and more. EACOMM Corporation maintains and manages several websites that offer these data to the general public. Additionally, EACOMM provides research, data collection and data analysis services to several clients including top corporations and government agencies.

Case Studies:

  • –This business directory website boasts almost 30,000 unique visitors daily and is ranked amongst the top 500 websites in the Philippines. Operating and maintaining this website has given EACOMM Corporation valuable experience in deploying high-traffic websites in a cloud server setting. The site also serves as a test bed for social media marketing, search engine optimization, geocoding, and other technologies.
  • – Artes de las Filipinas is one of the leading art and culture websites in the Philippines and features an online store where it sells books published under the Artes de las Filipinas brand. The site showcases several unique DO-CMS features such as auto-watermarks on uploaded images, rss-enabled content and its own on-line store integrated with Paypal.
  • – Trip Barker is a community-based Trip Planner for Mass Transit Systems. Users can report and share weather, traffic, and events in real-time with other users. This web application won the grand prize in the Philippine Transit App Challenge held in 2013 and is a partner app of the Department of Transportation and Communications of the Philippines.
  • – Images Philippines was created to give amateur and professional photographers, students, and consumers a venue for creative expression. Its goal is to provide a valuable record of the history, places, events, arts and cultures in the Philippines. It is our way of celebrating, showcasing, preserving, and marketing these beautiful images for research, reference, archival, professional, and personal use. Founded in 2002, the site was a finalist for both the E-Services Philippines and Philippine Webby Awards in 2003.

Mobile Apps

Google_Play_Store_600EACOMM is currently making a concerted effort in developing its own mobile applications and amass an inventory of intellectual property in the mobile application space. Here is the current collection of apps available for download:

Luopan Feng Shui Compass

The Loupan or Feng Shui Compass is a divination device used by the Chinese for thousands of years. Use this Android Feng Shui Compass to find your Auspicious Directions.

tripbarkerlogo’s Android App Version utilizes the mobile phone’s features such as cameras and gps to make sharing traffic and other updates easier.